"Susan was a pleasure to work with."   - Michelle Fischer

"Amazing cork yoga mats and blocks!!"  - Tarka Sullivan

"Great mats. Super fun to work with too." - Susan Thomas

"Lauryan Cork Yoga Mats offers quality, eco-friendly yoga products. They provide competitive prices and outstanding customer service!" - Roxy Dixon

"This mat is AWESOME! We own two kids mats, and my girls absolutely love them. They are well-made, great for yoga and meditation practice, and have an adorable elephant design. The cork feels soft and smooth to the touch but still has that "sticky" quality that allows you not to slip and slide while you practice. Highly recommend!" - Brooke B.

"I own almost all products Lauryan Yoga offers and am really happy with my purchases. The cork mat is sustainable, soft and very grippy. The mat spray smells delicious just like the soy candle and they really enhance my practice. The blocks are thicker and heavier than any I've played with before and it's a game changer. No matter what kind of movement you do, you are well supported and it's easy to take the mat on trips as it's lightweight!" - Ina

"I absolutely love the Lauryan Yoga Mat!!! It is eco-friendly and sustainable brand. Which the material is overall a great quality!! I’ve had mine for 3 years and it looks just as new! Overall just a great and beneficial purchase. I also am interested in the other items Lauryan has to offer such as the Yoga Block and the Children’s Mat which I have heard amazing things about! Get yours while you can!!!" - Ana M.

"Mat is amazing! I have used this mat in many yoga and HIIT classes and it has never disappointed. It stays sticky so I do not slide and it never really seems to smell or anything. Performance of the mat is top notch and a fantastic alternative to the countless rubber yoga mats out there." - Ryan

"I truly love my Lauryan Yoga Mat!!! And the Lauryan Yoga Block as well! All of the items are eco friendly and very safe and convenient for all ages. I would 10/10 recommend everything they have to offer!!" - Lauren D.

"I love how smooth the cork is. No scrapes with this one." - Zuzana K.

"Love this mat!" - Elizabeth P.

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